Free Roam 1.0

Basic Campaign: A group of good adventurers find themselves attempting to stop a group of evil spell casters. The group (name pending) has been known to be unorganized and extremely chaotic, but recently their attacks have slowed but become stronger and more directed. Their current plan is unknown but it is suspected that the group has finally been unified under a single leader and that they are pursuing specific strong magical artifacts for their unknown plan.


Short Term: Protect and care for the attacked/being attacked areas.

Mid range term: Retrieve the artifacts that they have gotten thus far and keep the known ones safe.

Long Term: Figure out what their plans are, and then continue with the plan of action the party deems fit.

Notes on the group of spell casters: They are as a group strong, but individually they range from mediocre to deadly. Their numbers are unknown so pursue with caution.

Suggested starting areas: Tavern, crossroads, or already traveling together.

Free Roam